Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Mike Lally Brand - BRANDING YOU!

About a decade or so ago I have a series of conversations with a guy named Mike Lally about building your "personal brand." Now I don't know if Mr. Lally remembers much about these conversations, but being impressionable, I took what he had to say to heart. Essentially, the moral of the story was that an individual may change jobs every couple years--move from city to city... change industries and may follow a dozen different passions... but you will always have YOU. And if you want to be successful getting a job, keeping a job, running a business, and being an expert in whatever you do--you need to focus your life's work on building your personal brand.

Blogging is an excellent way to build your brand. It is an investment in you - one well worth making.

Mike Lally has talked a lot about personal brand as of late -- in fact, he has become a bit of an expert on it as well. The Mike Lally Brand is a strong one - and getting stronger every day. You too could learn a lot about branding from Mike Lally...

Great job Mike.

-Meghan Wier - building & branding

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mike said...

Thank you Mrs Weir for the kind words and the link. The "Mike Lally Brand" is definitely NOT "Mr. Lally". But it gave me a chuckle. And I am happy to have provided a spark for what has become your flame of personal branding! :)

- Mike Lally