Friday, November 17, 2006

more and more important - blogging strategies

As a web strategies consultant I am finding that blogging is maturing, and becomming an even more important internet marketing strategy for businesses. A blog doesn't have to be a rambling of ideas by a sleepy teenager--it can be a very professional, and very effective way to keep your clients up to date, coming back for more, and keep your site at the top of the search engines.

So how do you make your blog better?
  • Register your blog with as many blog registration sites as possible.
  • Link your blog from other sites or blogs.
  • Link your blog to your corporate site frequently using text links to corrolating inside pages
  • Blog often!
  • If you start blogging off topic...start another blog and link to it!

Want to check out my current blogging client's new blog? go to Ask Dr. Ellie.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Blogging for Cash

I don't generally like to advertise my revenue sources - however, I have come into an opportunity, and I wanted to share with all of you out there how blogging alone can become a money-maker.

I blog here and there, and I keep several blogs going (some better than others). My blogs are on a variety of subjects that are of interest to me, and a couple are a little more personal--but they are all up there for the world to see (should they wish...)

Recently, my local paper, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, asked for "Community Bloggers" - people who might want to write a little about their communities for the paper's online version. And I jumped a the chance--what a fun way to keep my writing skills practiced and stay in touch with my community. I am blogging anyway, I thought, so now maybe a few people will read it!

What I didn't know when I expessed interest is that this was a paying opportunity. I am resposible for posting weekly to the blog - on Henrietta-related topics - and I receive a check. It is that easy.

Now, I won't exectly be quitting my day job and becomming a professional part-time blogger... but it is a nice little incentive, and a reminder that this is a responsibility, and I am relied upon to keep the blog up-to-date.

I bring all this up, because there are a lot of opportunities out there like this if you look for them. Your knowledge and ability to write can become an opportunity for you too!

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