Friday, November 04, 2005

When not to Blog

Blogging is a great tool for business. Throuh a blog businesses can disseminate information, solicit opinions, generate interest and more - but there are time when a company should not blog - and things that should not be blogged about.

Personal information should be excluded from blogs unless you are prepared to deal with the onslaught of email (and potentially other contact) from the outside world. This may be exactly what you want - but I tend to refer to others in my blogs either just by their first names or by their professions, i.e. "painter-dude," "graphic artist extraordinaire," etc. Just because I don't mind receiving comments about my blogs does not mean someone else wouldn't. Be respectful of the privacy of co-workers, vendors, clients and employees.

It should go without saying that propietary information should be excluded from publicly viewed blogs... As a manager or business owner, this may seem like a no-brainer, your employees, may not consider all of the implications when blogging, especially on "personal" non-corporate blogs. Just as you would request that they maintain a certain level of professionalism in keeping information private, they should be requested to be careful when blogging. You certainly would not want information about earnings, client challenges, or upcoming layoffs announced before you are prepared to deal with the ramifications.

That said, we live in the technology age. We have the means, and intellegence to communicate information quickly - even mis-information. This may mean that you will need to change your policies regarding information sharing - and the rammifications of breaking this policy.

For more information - check out this article on blogging in businesses and in schools -

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