Sunday, August 07, 2005

Business Blogging Made Easy

Blogging is becomming an increasingly popular business advertising and marketing medium. It is, like most other forms of advertising, effective when used correctly. But what does that mean, when there aren't decades of research to refer to when developing your business blogging plan?

Fortunately, we live in an age where there is an abundance of readily available information,(some better than otheres...) However, determining the right strategy for business blogging can be overwhelming as thousands of people, and businesses are giving out B4B advice and trying to sell you on their blog writers, blog software, blog advertising, blog traffic drivers, etc.

Here is a formula that I have been using, that is rendering decent results in only a few months: I chose my area of interest, "Business Networking". From there, I researched popular keyphrases used to search for business networking. I then started blogs on several of those terms. My original thought was to choose 10, but found that combined with my personal blog, and several client blogs, I could not maintain 10 more blogs adequately, and have since limited the focused blogging to 8, with the total blogs I am maintaining at 16. Now, I do not recommend 16, (I am struggling to keep them all active) but for me, the topics kept growing, and so did that blog list. The benefit is that I can now leverage the higher performing blogs (better PR and more traffic), to benefit the lower performing blogs.

I try to add to each of those blogs at least every week, with some getting more attention than others. I try to link to each of those blogs within the postings where appropriate and comment on other people's blogs of similar topcs. This helps me keep up-to-date on other people's thoughts on the subjects and occassionally get me a little of the page rank pie.

The key is the content, and getting enough content into have a blog people will want to read, and search engines will find deserving enough to index well. I use many of my blogs to give pertainent information about my areas of interest, link to useful resources, and promote my business and my clients.

Blogging can be fun, cathartic, and a whole lot of work. But it is a very inexpensive way to get your name out there, establish yourself as an expert and drive traffic to your corporate site.

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